The Great Precious Metal Distributor, US Money Reserve

According to the article, coronation of Queen Elizabeth II created a sense of hope after the post war moments about 65 years ago. The commemoration of such an important day by the US Money Reserve in partnership with a precious metal industry called Perth Mint which is in Australia showed great historical importance.

The US Money Reserve has been known to be sole distributor as a way of showing tribute to the Britain Monarchy. Over the years, they have released various items among them is the Birthday proof coin, Anniversary of Royal wedding and Anniversary Pearl Coin Harbor series all of which are produced by the Perth Mind industry.

In the anniversary of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sixty five years ago, the coins are produced using ninety nine point ninety nine percent gold and silver.

The set includes 2oz, 1/4oz gold proof coin and 1oz silver proof coin which are issued according to the Australian Currency Act of nineteen sixty five as legal tender.

In addition, besides being a legal tender and struck from pure gold and silver, it includes various features. Only two hundred and three complete sets are available exclusively from the US Money Reserve with each having an authenticity certification. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

They are also designed with first strike label from Professional Coin Grading Service. The coin is styled with the golden wattle, official flower of each Australian state, a display of St. Edward’s crown and to top it all, an inscription of Queen’s title.

Furthermore, the alliance of Perth Mint and US Money Reserve over the years enabled the two to work together easily. According to the chief executive officer, Angela Koch of US Money Reserve, the set included components of a successful release which is the significant history, exclusivity and low-mintage status.

The US Reserve specializes in gold, silver and platinum. In the United States it specializes in legal tender coins. It consists of experts in various fields of production with the chief executive officer being a former director of United States Mint.

The company has served over three hundred thousand consumers who have been consistent consumers because of their professional ethics and trustworthiness in their business. Read more: US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

They therefore were awarded triple A rating by the Business Consumer Alliance. Moreover, they sell the highest graded metals which are of high quality and certified. They also offer shipping that is fast and secure with a guarantee.

Talk Fusion A Look at the Different Advanced Features Offered

Email and video marketing services are not cheap. If your company has ever used such services, you might have spent around $200 for such services. Thus, it might be time to try something new and advanced but at a fraction of the cost. Talk Fusion is one of the leading video communication companies that offer a vast range of services at a low price so that companies can build their marketing campaign at a limited cost. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business owner, Talk Fusion offers online communication system that helps them run their company profitably.


Talk Fusion was started in 2007 and today; it has its presence in more than 200 countries while it has major distributors in 100 of those countries. People can instantly download the tool from the app store and start using. There is no need for any technical knowledge to be able to use the app as it is quite easy to use. With so much information out there, it is common for people to skip the ones they do not find appealing. It is the reason why people today prefer to watch rather than read. Businesses that want to reach out to their customers need to make more use of videos to send their message rather than through press releases.


Talk Fusion offers a vast array of services all included in one single app. From video emails to video sharing, there is nothing that the company does not provide. Companies can take advantage of their video autoresponder to ensure that their customers are replied to instantly without having them wait. Teams from across different continents can video chat or talk through text messages in real time. Unlike other video conferencing apps, Talk Fusion offers unlimited participants for its video conferencing feature. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital: The Aftermath

Madison Street Capital is currently the top rated investment banking firm in the whole of the M&A industry. Very few other firms have the resources and experience that Madison Street Capital professionals have. Everything they do is centered on setting their clients up for success on a global scale.

What sets their people apart from others is their ability to traverse emerging markets. Most companies stay away from unstable markets, but Madison Street Capital views these emerging markets as a necessity for global economic growth. Their understanding of global relationships is what allows them to capitalize when most would cower.

Something that a lot of people are running from is the destruction left behind in the wake of several disasters. It’s been all over the news, more than a dozen states hit with horrible disasters. Most of these places larger cities have bounced back, but the smaller communities continuing suffering.

Organizations like United Ways are trying to help those smaller communities. They’re still taking online donations and accepting volunteer work from all those wanting to help. United Way’s latest fund is helping these communities rebuild their lives, from home reconstruction to regaining economic independence.

Long-term recovery is something most people don’t stick around for. They show up to bring survivors food and water but leave before all the hard work needs to happen. It’s easy to give people what they need to survive another day, but giving what they need to survive the rest of their life is a lot harder.

That’s why companies like Madison Street Capital are partnering with organizations like United Ways. Together, they’ve made tremendous progress in rebuilding these communities. Madison Street Capital can use all of its expertise to kick-start these economies so that they’ll be able to stand on their own pretty soon.

Last November, Madison Street Capital won the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award at the M&A annual Gala at the Metropolitan Club in New York. The rest of the world didn’t find out until three days later because the ceremony isn’t held on TV.

The Co-CEO and President of the M&A Advisor said that Madison Street Capital represents what the M&A industry is about. Their excellence is known all around the world, and it was an honor to officially recognize them for their brilliance. They won the award for their deal with WLR Automotives.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Larkin & Lacey

There are many unsavory people out there. One of those individuals goes by the name of Joe Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years. He made sure to be as outrageous as possible in his policies. The criminal justice system under his rule was so outrageous that a jail under his wing became a major tourist attraction.

He referred to it as a “tent city”–a bunch of outdoor tents that housed inmates. Upon hearing about this, some people might think that there is nothing wrong with having an outdoor “tent city” jail in Arizona. However, despite the fact that Arizona is a warm place, the weather can become unbearably hot and sunny.

Being in such intense heat can cause heat stroke, and perhaps exacerbate health conditions in some people. Being exposed to intense sunlight can result in higher risks of skin cancer. The concept of a “tent city” was so outrageous that people from all over the world actually shelled out money to travel to this place.

What made the jail even more of an attraction was the fact that Sheriff Arpaio forced inmates to don bright pink attire. The zany sheriff claimed that this pink-clothing policy was in place to brighten up the mood of the jail. In a way, his excuse actually does make a lot of sense.

After all, bright colors really do brighten up the moods of environments. That is the reason why various types of restaurants choose bright color schemes. It is also the reason for why some hospitals have chosen to paint their walls bright colors.

However, Sheriff Arpaio is so sadistic that you have to expect the worst from him. Even if he verbally gave a good-sounding reason for making everyone wear pink, he could have really been doing it for sadistic or opportunistic reasons. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Whether he had good intentions in mind when forcing people to wear pink is up for debate. However, what is definitely inexcusable is the fact that prisoners under his wing were forced to consume produce that had expired.

There is absolutely no excuse for feeding prisoners bad food because the consumption of rotten food is seriously threatening to people’s lives. “You do the crime, you do the time,” is not an excuse for needlessly feeding people food that can kill them. People in jail are sentenced to jail time—not to eating rotten food. It is the system’s responsibility to feed them properly.

The big thing that really put Sheriff Arpaio in a lot of hot water was the fact that he targeted Latinos. There were many complaints against him that had to do with racial profiling.

Latino drivers in Maricopa County would get pulled over and accused of being “illegal aliens.” After refusing the orders of federal judges to stop the profiling, Arpaio was scheduled to be given a sentence. Right at the last minute, Trump saved the day for Arpaio—but not for all of the people who Arpaio profiled—and pardoned him.

Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Securus Technologies Works with Robert Johnson to Curb Crime

The past recent years have seen a rise in crime menace. Consequently, people have either ended up losing their lives or loved ones. Others have even ended up in hospital beds nursing severe injuries. To find solutions to such crimes in the community, organizations, partners, corrections officers and even outsiders have converged to develop important technology in solving the crime. One such facility that has been fighting for the safety of its people is Securus Technologies.


The Story of Robert Johnson


As Robert Johnson, an ex-corrections officer would put it, like any other day, he woke up to get ready for work. While dressing up, he heard a disturbing bang on his main door. In a few seconds, the door was open. Unfortunately, it was a life-threatening situation that saw the intruder in. Johnson, being the gentleman at the moment, instructed him to move to the hallway so that his sleeping wife was not disturbed. Well, he was attacked by the intruder and left unconscious. A few hours later, he was lying in a hospital bed. Robert Johnson went through 23 corrective surgeries.




As he recalls the entire ordeal, he is keen on making sure that his experience serves to educate other people. Consequently, the ex-corrections officer has been narrating his life story and working with corrections officers to promote safety in the community. One of the facilities he is now proud of working with is Securus Technologies. He says that having been attacked and left to fight for his life, he would give anything to see that everyone else in the community is safe from people like his offender.


His Experiences


Well, Robert Johnson initially worked at Lee Corrections Institution. While there, he ensured that all contraband was confiscated. Thanks to his experiences and input to facilitate safety in the community, Robert Johnson can now get hold of offenders even before the attack. This is because when working at Lee Corrections Institution, he blew the whistle on a gang that was planning to use contraband cell phones to contact his assailant.


Additional Information


It is factual that the society is captured in debilitating crime thanks to the gambling of illegal drugs, weapons, and machines into correctional facilities. As the days go by, however, Securus Technologies commits its time and resources to develop viable gadgets and work with partnerships in a bid to save the community from its major evil.




Like any other type of technology, the Wireless Containment System is here to save citizens from the impending insecurities. That is why with a team of experts, the technology uses a reliable network to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls. From there, the management decides on which calls should be blocked.


The Brown Modelling Agency is Ready to Take on the World

The Brown Modelling Agency is now a combination of two companies. Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South merged to create The Brown Agency, and they are some of the largest talent agencies in the region. The Brown Agency is also considered to be a full-service talent agency.


Heyman Talent-South has built a very successful enterprise over the last three years, and Wilhelmina Austin is one of the most respected and well-known talent agencies in Texas. The combination of the two companies was a good move for both companies, and they are moving forward together with a like mindless and combined efforts. The merger of the two companies also makes for more opportunities for acquiring talent and a broader plain of available work for their talent, and more to offer their clients. The agency is going to have offices in the Dallas area, and it will be permanently located with headquarters in Austin.


Justin Brown will become CEO of the new company as well as the president, and Michael B. Bonnée will oversee the theatrical division of the Agency. Justin Brown is the previous head of Wilhelmina Austin and Michael B. Bonnée is the founder of Heyman Talent-South.


Justin Brown studied business management in college and modeled while he attended school. He wasn’t always living the dream, but he worked hard and is now helping models to become trained and skilled enough to ace it when it comes to their gigs. He believes that the Agency is as good as the talent that it has to offer and so he takes his job very seriously. He and several others have the important responsibility of managing the careers of over 450 people. He suits his new role in the marriage f the two companies very well, and he plans to grow with its success. It is a very exciting time.


The combination of the two companies makes it possible for them to grow and to better serve their clients as well as their talent. Since both agencies pride themselves on being selective and prepping their talent to the level of a larger market, they work well together. Their goals of delivering professional, dependable, and polished talent also coincide with each other.


The Brown Agency has grown to become a leader in the industry, and their models are working for some of the largest brands in the world including Dell, Toyota, L’Oréal, and Louis Vuitton. Austin Brown models have been spotted on the runways of Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and many other shows. The Agency is proud to represent Texas and what it has to offer and will continue to provide top-notch talent for all the world to see. You can visit their Instagram page.



A Guide To Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery In Dallas

Dallas, Texas, is an affluent southern city. It is the nation’s ninth most populous city, and it’s one of the fastest growing municipalities in the U.S. When it comes to the medical industry, Dallas definitely has its share of advanced facilities. One of the most common medical procedures here is butt lift surgery. This type of surgery is fairly common in today’s contemporary world. Butt lift surgery is great for giving people more confidence in themselves. Though there are two versions of this procedure, the Brazilian butt lift stands-out as the more popular version. Brazilian butt lifts do a great job of giving the buttocks more volume. Having a more perkier bum seems to be the holy grail now days, especially because we live in such a vain society.

Consulting with a surgeon is surely the initial thing to do. During the consultation, the surgeon will examine you, and he/she will respectfully listen to what it is that you’re seeking. The surgeon will also speak about what the experience is all about. There are many important things to know before this procedure will ever take affect. If you’re seriously ill and are on medications, you may have to postpone the surgery. Those who are heavy-drinkers will definitely need to decrease or effectively eliminate this habit. The same thing goes for heavy-smokers. Your mental state must also be very clear. The price range of butt lift surgery can range between $2,000 – $15,000.

USA Plastic Surgery is a top choice, and it has an average four-out-of-five rating. Dr. Steven White has a solid background in this subject, and he treats the procedure as if it’s an art. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is also another great choice and Dr. Daniel Beck is highly sought-after. These are just two of the better practices in Dallas, but the ball is now in your court.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: A Cut Above the Rest

Texas is home to renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. Board-certified in general plastic surgery through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Jejurikar (or Dr. J as he is also known) maintains offices in Dallas and Plano. He has been in practice for over fifteen years; his specialties include breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelifts, hand surgery and microsurgery.

Dr. J received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan; he continued to study at the university’s medical school and achieved membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. After completing his residency at the school’s medical center, he transferred to New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital to focus on a subspecialty in aesthetic surgery. He has since concentrated is work in the Dallas area.

Notable contributions that he has made to professional publications include: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Journal of Surgical Research and Mircosurgery.

Dr. J has also made notable contributions to his community and larger, national organizations. He makes an annual overseas trip to participate in “Smile Bangladesh”, a medical mission aimed to assist children. His success with building lasting relationships is also evident in some of the awards he has received. In 2012, three percent of the nation’s eight hundred seventy thousand active physicians were given the Compassionate Doctor Certification; Dr. J was one of them. The certification is only bestowed on the physicians with the highest scores determined solely by patients.

He remains innovative and performs his work in various medical centers; one of the largest is the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. The sixty-thousand square foot building houses a skin care center, four operating rooms, and a hotel for post-surgery recovery. He has worked with other nationally-recognized physicians and has performed surgeries on clients from all over the world.

Clayton Hutson is One of the Music Industry’s Most Successful Engineers

Clayton Hutson is a talented, professional music engineer, producer, and entrepreneur. He creates and oversees the entire audio aspect of live events including production design and management, producing, and rigging. Clayton Hutson mainly focuses on audio engineering, but he is experienced in every other area of live productions as well. His experience ranges from lighting design to driving and unloading trucks. Clayton Hutson has been in the business of live productions for over 20 years, making him a veteran when it comes to live events.


Clayton Hutson has designed audio productions for many of today’s popular artists. The majority of his work is in the rock music genre, and he even goes on tour with many of the artists. A few of the more well-known artists that he has worked with include:  Learn more:


  • Prince
  • Alice n Chains
  • Pink
  • Maxwell
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Smashing Pumpkins


Clayton was inspired to start his own business due to the last recession, when many firms were laying off their employees. He was determined to build a business that would be known for quality, accuracy, and great service. He put in long hours and a lot of hard work to become a reputable engineer. When asked what helps his business to succeed, he attributed it to careful planning and repeatedly checking the work to eliminate any possible mistakes.


Keeping up with the latest technology is another way that Clayton Hutson keeps his audio engineering firm in the loop as one of the best. He makes sure to keep up with the latest equipment in everything from his cell phone to mobile lighting equipment. Clay Hutson said that one of the best purchases that he ever made was his Iphone because it allows him to manage the business from anywhere in the world. Having the latest equipment also prepares him for any amazing stunts that artists want to do on stage, such as the aerial stunts that Lady Gaga is known for.


Clayton Hutson graduated from Central Michigan University with a B.F.A. in Theater Design and Technical Production. This education prepared him for his roles at other firms before opening his own business. His business is now thriving and he is becoming one of the most well-known audio and live event engineers in the world.

Larkin and Lacey

The constant urging of humanitarians to treat everyone with respect seems to fall on deaf ears. Maybe it’s because people have different opinions and some believe the kind of treatment they give to the minority of the society is what they deserve.

Some leaders participate a big part in inducing this spirit of injustice to their supporters. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Joe Arpaio has been a Sheriff for years, and only a few people have good memories of his reign. The Sheriff is allegedly accused of causing suffering to very many citizens. Here are some of the issues he is accused of doing;

Arresting Larkin and Lacey from their homes at midnight and taking them to an unknown location.

It all started when Joe Arpaio restricted the press from attending his meetings. However, the duo dug deeper and somehow laid their hands on his dirt. They published his evil doings on their front page of the Phoenix New Times. The civilians demonstrated and demanded the release of the two journalists.

The Sheriff agreed and released them in less than 24 hours. Later, Lacey and Larkin filed a case against Arpaio. The arrest was ruled illegal as it failed to follow the required procedure that the law dictates.

Lacey and Larkin received a settlement of $3.75 million, which they used to start the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund offers financial support to the individuals who share a common vision with them for Arizona. These are advocates of migrant rights, civil and human rights as well as the freedom of expression.

The Suffering of Inmates in the Cells

Joe Arpaio began his jail to help reduce the overflowing inmates in jail. It is claimed that the officers brutally beat inmates in this cells. The environment was unbearable, and the cases of suicide were increasingly filed.

It is said that one diabetic woman went into a coma due to lack of medical attention. Lacey and Larkin documented this issue in their newspaper. Even worse, women who gave birth in this cells suffered as they were shackled in their beds.

These ugly incidences are what civilians thought were finally over when Arpaio lost his seat as the Sheriff. However, they felt that this was not enough punishment after everything he did. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The good news was when the civilians heard that he was going to serve a sentence after ignoring a federal court order. Arpaio was banned from profiling Latino drivers, but he and his staff just chose another way of doing this.

When he was questioned, he did not deny the allegations, he, however, said the order was not direct, and hence he failed to understand it. Evidence said something different, and so he lost the case.

Donald Trump has, however, pardoned the 85-year-old Sheriff, which has caused his non-supporters grief and bitterness. Lacey says that he won’t rest until the Sheriff gets what he deserves.

Joe, on the other hand, is enjoying his freedom and has even announced his intentions for running for the Senatorial seat.