Hussein Sajwani, CEO of DAMAC

Hussein Ali Habib Sajwani established DAMAC Properties Dubai Company in 2002. It develops residential, commercial and leisure properties in the Middle East and Dubai where it is headquartered. Sajwani was in the food service industry years ago supplying meals to the United States Army and the giant corporation Bethel.

He supplied food for the conflicts in Somalia, Bosnia and the Gulf War. Realizing he would only be capable of making millions in the food industry, he transitioned his primary business interests to real estate. He is still in the food industry, but the real estate business generates the bulk of his money.

According to Forbes, Hussein Sajwani’s net worth is approximately $3.7 billion. DAMAC focuses on acquiring property for luxury living, business and leisure, which includes the development of high-end golf courses. In 2013, he and Donald Trump joined forces to develop two golf courses, the Trump International Golf Course, which opened in February of 2017 and the Trump World Golf Course Dubai, scheduled to open at the end of 2018.

To date Donald Trump and Hussein Sajwani still maintain a business relationship. While Trump serves as president his sons and daughter, Ivanka will conduct any transactions with all his business partners including Sajwani.

DAMAC Properties in 2013 owned 28,000 units in various buildings throughout the Middle East. Its hospitality division launched in 2011 provided for 8,000 hotel residents. By 2016 that number exceeded 10,000, making DAMAC Properties the largest hotel operator and developer in the world. DAMAC has continued its real estate expansion to include acquiring property in North Africa, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

DAMAC properties led by Hussein Sajmani has continued to fulfill its potential and now it is helping others reach for better. They recently gave $2 million to the Ramadan initiative begun by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. It is a campaign to clothe one million poor children around the world. It is believed that the $2 million will help at least 50,000 children.

Hussein Sajwani has built a real estate empire in the Middle East and is its number one developer. The growth of his company is inevitable as it sits poised on the brink of an explosion as the economy continues to grow. Instead of slowly progressing, it’s now showing signs of leaping and Hussein Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties is in the position to take full advantage of that explosive growth.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer and RBS Group on the Rise Worldwide

RBS Group is one of the largest media companies in Brazil. They specialize in newspaper and radio. The company is led by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as “Duda.” Melzer also started another company that specializes in digital media called e.Bricks Digital. This company provides funding to companies that are new to digital media marketing. This is considered to be a great advance for Brazil, as their online presence is a work in progress. The companies must be already established as successful in their operations and generating revenue. Funding and private equity are also available to new companies, however, the amounts offered are far less and the requirements are different.

In an article on Dino, Duda Melzer’s success has much to do with his upbringing. His grandfather was the founder of RBS Group, and his uncle was the second generation president. Duda, being the third generation, was groomed for the position to succeed his uncle, and became CEO and chairman of the board of directors. Melzer’s educational background includes an MBA from Harvard University and continuing education classes in a more specialized discipline. Having worked in leadership roles for a media company and in the finance sector as an analyst; Duda was well prepared to succeed in his family’s business.

Duda Melzer also makes ethics a priority in his business, not only for RBS Group and e.Bricks Digital; but for the industry as a whole. He’s involved in self-regulation efforts put into place by him and other colleagues. He’s received many awards for these efforts. Being acknowledged on “top entrepreneur” and “top management” is nothing new to Duda Melzer. His companies also do work on behalf of children in Brazil. The foundation was named after his grandfather and has run many successful campaigns over the last 35 years. The ever growing presence of RBS Group led by Duda Melzer is certainly a company on the move and growing at a rapid pace.

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MB2: Who Started the Movement, and What is It All About?

Chris Steven Villanueva was at one time a dental worker tormented by issues in Group Practice; his absence of fulfillment with specific patterns in dentistry incited him to one day start his own particular organization called MB2 Dental Solutions, which is a top dental accomplishment today. This exceedingly exceptional, inventive and generally effective business now possesses workplaces in Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee.

MB2 Dental Solutions joins a dream of pooling helpful characteristics of every single top personality in the business and making a collaborated structure dissimilar to any other. Since 2009, when the organization was established, MB2 has turned into a reality and not just a dream.

MB2 Dental Solutions partners with multiple dental experts and practice proprietors, giving every related work environment the connections needed to help it manage all practices most effectively. MB2-related dental working environments review 100 percent clinical self-decision structures and, with the help of various outside assistants, devour every part of the dental field.

 Much More 

According to Crunchbase, MB2 University or MB2U gives authorities and work environments the data, coursework and additional preparation to tackle today’s exceptionally aggressive dental markets.

MB2U is required to give dental laborers the abilities to lead positive change while giving dental office specialists the most gifted frameworks to keep the working environment running seamlessly by making note of its every necessity, leaving different staff to focus on where they succeed: personal care. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy :

MB2U prepares individuals for employment or job training with POV manuals and much more; for each potential test they may confront, students will be fully prepared. Change Boot Camps, RDA Boot Camps, E-Claim planning solutions, DHMO’s, client benefit advances and customer associations are also open. MB2U offers position ties and individual updates, work-post information and referencing for various positions.

 Something to Get Excited About  

MB2’s well-prepared experts guarantee that appropriate patient positioning and care stand in front of all competing factors and slowly but surely weave their way into all related dental practices as a result. That is the driving inspiration as to why they have, as of late, balanced their business to such focused core interests.

The organization’s specialists recognize control over all non-clinical zones of dental practice and practice diversity among dental care surges. Accordingly, proprietors keep their attention on dentistry and patient care most importantly.

Atlanta Hawks Ownership Forced To Start A Lawsuit

The former ownership group, Atlanta Hawks basketball and entertainment LLC, filed a lawsuit against an Insurance Company located in New Hampshire. The lawsuit is stating that there was a breach of contract involving the former general manager Danny Ferry and controlling partner Bruce Levenson.

Bruce was born in Washington DC,, where he grew up and later attended college at Washington University in St. Louis. He attended law school at night and pursued his journalism career during the day. He is an active philanthropist who has served the Hoop Dreams Foundation, the Community Foundation of Washington D.C., I Have A Dream Foundation and Bringing the Lessons Home program. The program teaches students about the Holocaust and trains them how to become tour guides for the museum.

According to ESPN, on September 13th the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court of Fulton County and was described as a civil action for breach of contract. AHBE states that they were covered by certain laws related to employment but not limited to wrongful termination. When Hawks ownership was asked about the incident they stated that they were aware of the complaint but no longer had ties with the Atlanta Hawks organization after the buyout agreement and would not comment further on the matter. Check out his website:

Troy McQuagge Announced Gold Winner in the 2016 One Planet’s Award

Troy McQuagge emerged the gold winner where he was declared the best CEO of the year. One Planet Business and Professional Excellence is the organization in charge of awarding best-performing companies. They endeavor in honoring professional merit in every industry, regardless of the company’s size. Troy McQuagge is the President and CEO of USHEALTH, an insurance firm performing exceptionally. When Troy assumed office as a member in 2010, he dedicated himself to redesigning the company’s captive distribution agency. It involved retooling advisors, an initiative that brought Troy significant success. In 2014, efforts that Troy made during his tenure were rewarded, where he got elected as the President and CEO. It is again due to the company’s unprecedented growth and success that he got awarded by One Planet Business and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

USHEALTH’ Troy McQuagge’s Reaction Upon Winning

The great piece of news came as a boost to the firm’s dedication. It got them greatly honored to scoop such a highly-coveted award. Troy also took an initiative to appreciate everyone at USHEALTH. He quoted that the award came through because of efforts made by the entire conglomerate. Troy confidently expressed their devotion in creating highly individualized solutions in the insurance markets. As well, they went ahead to disclose that they were even more committed to defining quality customer service that is affordable to all their clients. As they grow as a company, they also ensure that their customers experience growth in their healthcare needs. Truly USHEALTH rightfully deserved the award and Troy on Facebook.

Troy McQuagge’s Career Progression

McQuagge started off with his profession in 1983. The Allstate Insurance Company allowed him an opportunity to earn valuable skills during his early days in the career. In 1995, McQuagge enrolled at Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. Within two years he was elected the president of UGA, which serves as UICI’s insurance agency. While at UGA, Troy made efforts to increase the company sales, something he did quite incredibly. His excellent leadership qualities got realized, and he got tasked with more responsibilities. The holder of a B.A degree from the University of Central Florida is an amazingly influential leader.

Securus Technologies Clients Take to Praising the Their Communication Solutions

It seems that every day during this year has brought yet another story of customers and clients falling prey to companies that have forgotten the second part of the phrase customer service. Whether it is the latest string of assaults to occur on major airlines or the recent banking scandals embroiling major banks across the country it is sadly becoming clear to all observers that many companies have given up on their old creed of “The customer is always right.”


Though as these stories pile up within our newsfeeds and crowd headlines, other stories of companies truly showcasing not only exemplary service but products as well slip under the radar, unfortunately, those stories are not considered news-worthy enough in our current media climate.


Securus Technologies Has Helped Prison Officials and Administrators Prevent Crime Within Prison Facilities for Well Over a Decade


Running counter to the current narrative of negative client and customer feedback, Securus Technologies, a leader in creating communications solutions specifically within the prison complex sector, recently published a piece granting readers a glimpse into some of the comments and letters the company regularly receives from clients.


Though each comment and letter carry with it unique stories from the many facilities that employ Securus Technologies inmate communication solutions, one theme runs throughout each, the products and services of Securus Technologies are used by each client to actively prevent crime within their facilities. As maintaining law and order within an environment that by its very nature is inherently dangerous and prone to crime, the extra help is well noticed and appreciated by all of Securus Technologies clients.


If you are interested in learning more about the ways Securus Technologies is helping prison officials and administrators create a safer prison environment, please visit the



Growing Trend

New Site Announced

A recent PR News Wire online article ( the announced release of a new online system available through the U.S. Money Reserve.

Users may now access their accounts online and browse the website catalog for precious metals in gold, silver or platinum and even coins for purchase or trade. is the new site, and it has grown in size and popularity since its original release in February 2016.

With more connected global access and easier convenience for users, this system and its larger organization are growing rapidly and plan to double in size by 2020.

As a leader in top precious metals, the US Money Reserve is not far behind on either the trends or the times; its executives will do whatever it takes to ensure that the business keeps moving along and that the money keeps coming in, and through an online system, that goal is now more rapidly possible than ever.

Mr. Diehl

The new site features a sophisticated photo gallery of numerous metals and coins available for purchase as well as an online catalog with a checkout cart. In addition, photos of Phillip Diehl now appear on the website as well; Mr. Diehl is the new face of the Reserve as its current President, having been its former Mint Director just prior. Learn more about US Money Reserve:,28.htm

Diehl states that the primary purpose of the new site and its innovative system is to better inform current and potential consumers as to the benefits and overall value of purchasing precious metals and bullion directly through the US government. There has never been a greater time to purchase or invest than now; it appears that this quality business is fully blooming once more.

An Only Growing System in High Demand

The Brand and Creative Division’s Vice President, Ryan Buchanan states:

“We now have a fully-responsive tool that allows us to generate quality content across all platforms, further interact with our clients, and of course, offer the world’s best precious metals products through our secure online storefront.”

It’s never been a better time to be alive as an American. The online pricing is competitive and sells rapidly on bullion and bars, plus it offers free gold information kits to all who sign up. A Knowledge Center is also part of the website, in which information and news are often updated; this section of the site further educates new-comers on numerous topics.

Alexandre Gama Is A Reputable Advertising Executive

Alexandre Gama is a renowned entrepreneur and advertising expert. Alexandre Gama is one of Brazil’s leading advertising and business professionals. If you are in need of top quality marketing assistance or advertising help, get in touch with Alexandre Gama for superior marketing and promotional service.

One of the most reliable ways business owners and companies can draw attention to their products and services is by advertising in popular media. Advertising agencies are in the business of helping entrepreneurs and companies promote their offers to their potential customers. It is important to make sure your advertising and marketing strategies are well developed and implemented by a knowledgeable advertising or marketing expert.

When you are enlisting the services of a marketing agency or advertising specialist, you will want to be certain that you are dealing with a reputable and reliable team of advertising professionals.

Alexandre Gama provides services that help organizations and businesses reach their prospects and potential customers. Alexandre Gama offers customized marketing and advertising plans, which are critical to their success. Alexandre Gama and his highly qualified team of business and advertising specialists are committed to rendering great advertising solutions to their clients.

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The Traveling Vineyard Offers Incredible Opportunities

The Traveling Vineyard is a wine distribution company that incorporates a direct sales aspect much like other companies such as Avon and Tupperware. Representatives of the company host wine tasting parties to give their customers an idea of the incredible range of wines that they have available for purchase.

Not only are the wine tasting parties incredibly helpful when determining the right wine for certain occasions, but it is also a way to make a connection to be able to get a wide variety of wines available for a great price directly from the source. It is a fresh new way to learn more about different brands and to become familiar with the company and its products.

The Traveling Vineyard also offers financial opportunities to those individuals that are interested in becoming a host. Becoming a host allows you to attain financial freedom and to have a great time in the process. You don’t have to be a wine expert to begin a rewarding career with the Traveling Vineyard. All you need is the desire to learn and be social, and you will no doubt succeed. If you love meeting new people and having fun then this might be the opportunity that you have been waiting for. You work the hours you want to work. You can also work as little or as much as you would like. It is the perfect work opportunity for someone that is looking for a more flexible schedule that allows for unlimited earning potential.

The Traveling Vineyard is also found on multiple social media outlets. They like to keep their follower informed regarding wine parties, opportunities, and other interesting information related to great tasting wines. You can also visit their website for more information about parties or if you want to become a host.

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Throw A Stress-Free Party With These Expert Tips

Depending on what kind of person you are, the thought of throwing a party for your loved ones can either fill you with excitement or paralyze you with fear. When it comes to throwing parties, there are so many details that need to be executed properly in order for the event to be a success.


Many people opt for a professional party planning company like Twenty Three Layers. Based in New York City, Twenty Three Layers offers services like catering and professional videography for parties of any size.


However, not everyone can afford to hire a professional party planner. That’s why we asked for party-planning tips from professional event planners. These industry experts have the experience and knowledge to know what it takes to make your party a roaring success.



Tip #1: Scale Back on the Menu


If you’ve never hosted a large number of people before, you may not realize what a chore it is to cook delectable dishes from scratch to accommodate your entire guest list. Instead of making a multi-course menu, stick to finger foods that can be thrown together quickly. There’s no shame in buying pre-made salad dressings and frozen french fries. As long as the food tastes good and it doesn’t run out, your guests will be happy.



Tip #2: Go for Real Invitations


If your party is on the formal side, don’t send out invitations by email. Paper invitations give your party a formal edge and let your guests know what to expect. Plus, by picking out the right stationary, you can give your guests an idea of what to expect in terms of theme.



Tip #3: Skip the Professional Bar Service


While hiring a professional bar service does give a party a classy edge, it’s simply not necessary. A self-service bar will do just fine when it comes to ensuring that your guests are fully supplied with drinks at all times. Feel free to decorate your self-service bar area and add fun garnishes like olives and berries.





By following these expert tips, your party will stand out in the memories of your guests for years to come.