Nashville Wedding Photo Spots

George Street Photo and Video Locations  is a company that takes the customer’s wants and needs for a good wedding recorder and delivers it. Getting married in Nashville or know someone that is? Try out some of these places for a sure fire stunning photo shoot.

At the ACME Feed and Seed the lighting will leave you shocked, whether it’s from the starlike chandeliers or the draped windows of the three story building. The historic open floor plan lets you customize and decorate various event rooms.

Paris Landing State Park is known by it’s large events and their modern heart logo. Spend your day with your lover at the 841 acre park that has a dam to the Kentucky Lake. The green meadows and trees make a great background and your wedding guests can spend their time drinking dancing and even playing golf. If that’s not their thing they can bring it inside the massive building to drink and party.


Official Statement Issued in Regards to Squaw Valley Water Supply

Residents or frequent visitors to the Placer County area will no doubt be aware of recent severe weather patterns. The extreme amount of rain has caused disruptions in many local water systems. However, one of the most important concerns has to do with the Squaw Valley area. The pristine natural beauty and amazing chance to ski the slopes has long proven to be a joy to locals and a draw for tourists. However, there’s been some concerns about how well Squaw Valley might have fared under Placer County’s storm patterns.


The Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Liesl Kenney, has issued a statement to help inform the public about the current situation. The Squaw Valley area has been impacted in a similar way to many other locations in Placer County. In particular, Squaw Valley had additional issues due to summer installation of a new water system. The severe weather caused inundation of the new installation beyond what it was able to handle.


However, Squaw Valley reacted as soon as there was any concern about the purity of the water supply. Precautions were able to be put into place immediately by contacting Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. This ensured that no guests were exposed to potentially contaminated water. Furthermore it led to the analysis and later treatment of the water supply.


At the moment it’s been verified that there are no E. coli detectable in the water supply. However, selected parts of the water supply do show low levels of coliform. Squaw Valley considers the water to be unusable until it’s been fully treated to the point where there’s no contamination. As Kenney stated, the health of guests is of paramount concern.


Of course the entertainment and leisure activities of guests is also important. The only services currently impacted by the water testing and treatment is the restaurant system. Due to the amount of water that needs to be used when cooking, these services are currently unavailable. Additionally, guests will be provided with complementary bottled water until the public water supply is once again verified as safe. Otherwise guests can enjoy Squaw Valley in the same way as they normally would.

Norman Pattiz: Businessman, Leader, and Visionary

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. He announced the addition of a new podcast to the PodcastOne in December last year. The new podcast “Beyond the Darkness” will be part of WWE Superstar Chris Jericho’s network. It will explore the paranormal. The podcast will feature researchers and witnesses of paranormal events such as miracles, ghosts, angels, demons, and monster encounters.

Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by Dave Schrader who is an author and a radio host and Tim Dennis who is a radio host and producer. Pattiz said that they decided to add the podcast to Jericho’s network because he had been able to grow his network beyond just wrestling and into other areas such as comedy. Pattiz mentioned that new podcast episodes would be released each Monday on iTunes and the PodcastOne website and mobile app.

Jericho started by welcoming the new podcast and the hosts to the Jericho Network. He recognized the experience that the hosts of the podcast had in the paranormal broadcasting industry. He finished by expressing his confidence in the ability to grow their fan base and deliver to their audience as part of the Jericho network.
Norman Pattiz is recognized for starting and leading Westwood One to become the largest radio network and provider of audio content programming. The network managed and distributed popular radio stations such as CBS News, the Mutual Broadcasting System, and CNN radio.

Norman started Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. This is the parent company of PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales. PodcastOne has grown to become the leading podcast network supported by advertisers in the United States. There are more than 200 podcasts on the network. They include podcasts hosted by notable celebrities such as Steve Austin, Neil Strauss, Dr. Drew, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Pattiz recently gave an interview that appeared on Ideamensch where he gave advice on entrepreneurship and life. He started off by saying that the only way to bring ideas to life is to implement them until they become a reality. He stated that he had great ideas every day and then assessed the ability of the organization to implement the idea. He noted that the strategy that had helped him grow his business was working hard by being the first one in the office and the last one out in the evening. Pattiz is the chairman of the boards of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Security Laboratory.

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How JeanMarie Guenot Is Changing The Way We Fight Cancer


Her Background In Pharmaceuticals

JeanMarie Guenot is one of the most seasoned entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical industry. Over the course of 20 years she has personally brought innovation to combat some of the most important issues in medical technology. Now, as an investor she uses her talent to treat blood cancer with Amphivena Pharmaceuticals. Focused on finding ways to treat even the most difficult cases of hematologic cancer. So far her work at Amphivena Pharmaceuticals appears promising.




Taking Out Blood Cancer

Cancer is essentially any disease involving abnormal cell growth and the potential to spread. Although blood cancers do not create visible tumors similar to what other cancers produce, the growth of blood cells associated with this form of cancer is equally as harmful. Currently, most treatments for blood cancer produce undesirable side effects and may actually prove ineffective against more severe forms of cancer. There is clearly a need for more effective treatments, but the task of creating more effective cancer therapy is a difficult one. Fortunately, JeanMarie Guenot is up to the task of find that cure.



How Amphivena Is Making A Difference

The key innovation Guenot has produced is a therapy for blood cancer involving the use of asntibodies. This therapy breaks the current mold for treating blood cancer in several waysa. For starters, antibody therapy produces fewer negative side effects when compared to conventional therapy. The use of the antibodies to treat the patient means the therapeutic effects occur on a more precise level. Cancer is a particularly difficult disease to treat. Virtually any cell that has the ability to multiply may potentially turn cancerous at some point in time. Amphivena is putting us one step closer towards eradicating this disease for good.



The Future Of Pharmaceuticals

Beyond her work at Amphivena, Guenot is active as an investor in the pharmaceutical industry. The work she has done in biotechnology has given her insights into which companies are likely to succeed and which companies will fail. This is why she continues to amaze with the frequent contributions she has made in her field.

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